It was nothing but a joke.

I was expecting a tougher game.

I know the way you felt about Kee.

Families began to have fewer and fewer children.

Dewey prayed.

Laurianne said he wants to die.

Order now.

He regards women as disposable pleasures rather than as meaningful pursuits.

Don't you regret getting that tattoo?

Does he have a job?


Shahid can't get a job because he doesn't have any experience, but he can't acquire experience because he can't get a job.

Half of you are idiots.

If only we had a child!

Can I take pictures here?

We are familiar with only a tiny fraction of the universe.

Tango is the vertical expression of horizontal desire.

It's about time you guys got here.

That warship armed with eight cannons is a "Queen Elizabeth" class.

Whoever starts working in their youth, gets to live lavishly when they're older.

Fishing is the only thing Alex wants to do.

There is no result for this search (yet) but you can help us feeding the corpus with new vocabulary!

I play tennis all the year around.

Don't buzz about my ears.

The largest bedroom faces south.

My mother gave me a sewing machine.

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A clock has two hands.

I have a hard time believing you don't have any homework.

You can't leave me now.

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They made us work all day long.


What do you think about this?


Can you persuade him to join our club?


His son doesn't work at a bank.

Nathaniel slowly turned the knob and opened the door.

Neal will be so pleased.

Nadeem committed suicide by hanging himself.

Belinda was always the strong one.

You know what, Rafael, you're right.

When it came time to jump out of that airplane I was terrified. My heart was in my mouth.


I'm afraid I may hurt them.

Rudolph will never have to worry about going hungry.

Go get your helmet.

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Randolph is very straightforward.

This sandwich is good.

I had a great time in Boston.

Why's everything so dark?

They did not resist.


The bank is not open on Saturdays.

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Would you like something?

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I can remember the warmth of his hands.


I found an envelope for my letter.

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His father had asked the question the year he was fourteen.


I don't know what's what.

I come back home at 6:30.

This is a map of the city of Osaka.

It'll be hot.

Some people have told me that I look Japanese.


Winnie doesn't respect Mongo's opinion.

You've a different sense of time from me. What's the point of hurrying if you don't have an objective or destination? Your thinking even affects your sexual behaviour.

Is he going to make it?

It's not safe to drink this water.

Sometimes you sound like a girl.

Derek likes solving math puzzles.

Some deaf people choose not to use sign language.

Did Emil ask you out?

Knowing where the fire escape is in a hotel may save your life.

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It's too late to go out now.

Elijah has been consistent.

My ideas are always great.


They named her baby Jenny.

I've been spending evenings with Milo.

She wrote him a long letter, but she didn't mail it.


We threw them away.

What did I do wrong?

They were chosen at random.

Leave me alone so I can get some sleep.

This suitcase is too heavy for you.

You're wasting your breath.

Finally, my sister got married.

Don't count on his assistance.

You mean it, don't you?

Clara is in the living room.

You're modest.


That's what friends are for.

i went to the plaza last night.

I've been driving this car for three years.

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Having sent a rude email to a constituent who had criticized government policy, the minister not only had to step down as a cabinet minister but was also forced out of his party caucus.

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If something happened to you, I don't know what I'd do.

25 times 6 equals 1_0. What is the missing digit?

The most enlightened way of living is to despise social conventions while at the same time living your life in conformity to them.

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There is nothing to do.


The paramedics are on the way.


It's too heavy to lift.

We just cleaned the toilet.

Snow covered the bus.

The sun was setting.

Self-inflating camping mats are very convenient.


If you're happy, then I'm happy for you.

Back away, Raymond.

Thanks Philip, I appreciate it.

Tomas is quite stocky, isn't he?

Hitoshi wanted to buy Konrad something nice for her birthday.


Something creepy has been happening.


Leanne has tried to fix the computer.

Tell her not to talk to anyone.

What you've just told me chimes in with what I heard yesterday.

Where are you going to learn German?

Why was Tad laughing?

The teacher told Gypsy to hold her tongue.

We are taking advantage of it to attract notice.

You're taking an awful risk.

I told her what I know.

About thirty insurgents were killed.

You liked that game.

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We don't do that.

It occurred to me that he was trying to conceal something.

It was horrible to hear about the crime.

Are you all packed and ready?

What made you suspicious?

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Dan and Linda had been married for twenty years.

The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and science. He who knows it not and can no longer wonder, no longer feel amazement, is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle.

The girl closed her eyes and listened to the pastor.

Someone's gotta do it.

A man appeared from behind the door.

I still have some doubts.

He looks like a sportsman, but he is a writer.


I wonder where Clark plans to sleep tonight.

Molly wasn't paying attention to what Mehrdad was saying.

Do you want to come with me to this concert?


I know that you still love her.

Circumstances forced us to put off the meeting.

I used to go skiing in the winter.


No one knew who he was.

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The details are confidential.

You don't seem to be happy with our decision.

I want a box three times as large as this.

Marci looked a little unconvinced.

She walked twenty miles a day.

Do you feel any attraction for this book?

I told him to wear sunblock.

Sherman was arrested for resisting arrest.

We often have traveled to Tokyo.


I am your past.

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I wanted to be an inventor when I was young.

Are you saying you intentionally hide your good looks?

Are you two about finished?

Both Eileen and Suu were talking at the same time.

Do exactly what we tell you.

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I know you helped me.

What did you mean by that?

The author doesn't display much talent in his book.

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He is an actor among actors.

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Tollefsen came out of the closet at work.

It's so bad, it's funny.

I won't answer any more of your questions.

I really do like you.

We like doing things our own way.

Matt has plenty of money.

Quickly Sadako tried to fold the paper before she fell asleep.

Tal took out his false teeth.

The news was told to me by Ito.


When I was a student, I used to go to that pizza parlor.